Empowered Mind



Our Mission

Bringing out the positivity in you and making you be the best possible version of yourself


We are two sisters who treasure sisterhood, friendship, and self-improvement. We created Empowerment Mind with the idea that every woman should be able to have a safe space to be herself without judgment or apology, and be able to feel powerful enough to go after all of her heart’s desires. Our goal is to provide you with relevant resources that will empower you to become your best self with continuous self-development.



Chrystel is our Wellness Expert. She is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle — attitudes we value greatly at Empowered Mind.


De’Anne is our go-to person for all your wellness needs. She is passionate about women implementing self-care as part of a daily routine.

The moment that we realized we could empower others is when people started telling us that what we said in an article, or video, or just sharing an affirmation made a difference in their lives. So, we thought why not do something we are passionate about, such as personal development, and help others to be able to improve, grow, and learn new techniques that will also make a real difference in there lives as well. If we can help one person to see the good in themselves, that maybe they didn’t see before, then it helps them to become a little better day by day.