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Five Tips for achieving your goals in the New Year

Five Tips for achieving your goals in the New Year

 1) Write the Goals

Take 15 minutes or as much time as you need to write everything that you want to happen in the new year. After you write each goal, go back to each goal and give it a specific date of when you want it to be completed. Afterwards, go back through each goal and write down why it’s important to you and how you plan to achieve the goal.

  1. Create Habits

In order to achieve your goals, most likely you will need to stop and/or start a new habit. Now that you’re clear on your goals, it’s time to first choose the one that you will start with by giving it everything you’ve got. It’s now time to figure out the habits that you are willing to do consistently to make sure that this happens.  Start right now with the habit you want to tackle because it will bring you one step closer to your goal.

  1. Make a Plan

Now that you know your goals and you know the habits that will help to achieve the goals, it’s imperative that you make a plan. Be sure to make the time and create a plan for each goal that you have for the new year. To make sure that you stick the plan, make an appointment on your calendar to keep yourself on track.

  1. Track Your Progress

The main reason why it will be good to track your progress is that it will help to keep you motivated to keep going. Keeping track will keep your goals in focus, so choose what will be the best way to keep track of your progress. It could be using a planner, the notes on your phone, or just use a notebook to track your progress. After you choose the best method that fits your schedule, choose a day, at least once a week, to check on your progress. For example, you can schedule time every Saturday on your calendar to see how close you are to your goals.. 

  1. Use Visualization

Take some time to visualize each goal happening. How do you feel when you accomplish this goal? What does accomplishing this goal do for your life? Where are you when you accomplish this goal? These are some of the questions you can use to get started with having a positive mindset as you set out to accomplish your goals this year.

For a quick summary, the 5 ways to accomplish your goals are to write your goals, start creating good habits, make a plan, track your progress, and use visualization. 

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