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Don’t Let Self-doubt Stop You From Taking Action

Don’t let self-doubt stop you from taking action

When self-doubt stops you from taking action, it can derail your progress. I’m here to let you know that you can still have self-doubt while you are taking action. 

Here are a few tips to help you:

1) Make a plan – There is no doubt that making a plan and putting it on our calendar can be helpful with getting us to take the next step toward our goals.

2) Get to the root of what makes you doubt yourself – Some of the things that could be causing self-doubt are a lack of practice, lack of confidence,or lack of belief. If you can figure out why you doubt yourself, then it’s easier to work on reducing or eliminating the things that are stopping you. For instance, I like to journal to get to the root cause of my self-doubts. However, you can talk to someone, you can take a walk in nature, or anything else that works for you. You will need to find out what process helps you to clear your thoughts and get below the surface of why you are doubting yourself. The method that you choose to use just needs to work in order to understand why you are doubting your abilities. 

3) Take action – Whether it’s taking baby steps or big steps, taking action can be the difference that leads to more action, more confidence, and less self-doubt.

4) Be consistent – Consistency will shrink the self-doubt and keep you from being stuck. It will also not allow you to see that you are capable and have what it takes to achieve your goals. 

What is your process for getting to the root of self-doubt when you set your goals?


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