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3 Tips to Go from Good to Great

3 Tips to Go from Good to Great

One of the main ways for us to go from good to great is to practice our skills so that we can get better. Practicing our skills brings greatness because we are taking consistent action.  One of the best ways to practice is to choose a place where we can practice our skills at the same time every day. If we can find a way to make things more automated, then it’s easier to accomplish our goals. 

The second way to get great results is to work on being consistent. For instance, if you get up every day and work on drawing a picture, then every day you’re sharpening those skills. So, if you practice those skills every morning at 6:00 am-6:30, then it’s always on your schedule and you are already in the practice of becoming a better artist because you are being consistent.

The third way to achieve greatness is to measure your progress. One of the key ways to know that you’re improving your skills is to measure them, so you have to check in with yourself and take pictures or notes as you progress, so it’s clear when you are either growing or need to make some adjustments.

I believe that we all have the ability to go from being good to great when we practice, stay consistent, and focus on the improvement we’re making. What are you doing to get from good to great?


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