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Maximize your Affirmations with the PWS method (Print it, Write it, and Speak it)

Maximize your affirmations with the PWS method (Print it, Write it, and Speak it)

According to the dictionary,  an affirmation is defined as the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed, and emotional support or encouragement. Do you want to have the full value of using affirmations to inspire and motivate yourself to be your best? Let’s talk about how to do this by using the three methods below.

1) Print It

Print an affirmation and put it in a place that you pass every day. This will allow you to see this affirmation every day. Whether it’s a quick glance or you stop and read it, you are still getting the benefits of affirming yourself!

2) Write It

Write your affirmation down on paper or on your computer over and over again. This allows you to process it not just on the surface level but hold on to it in your memory. Neuropsychologists have identified the “generation effect” which basically says individuals demonstrate better memory for the material they’ve generated themselves than for material they’ve merely read. It’s a nice edge to have and, when you write down your goal, you get to access the “generation effect” twice: first, when you generate the goal (create a picture in your mind), and second, when you write it down because you’re essentially reprocessing or regenerating that image. In essence, you get a double whammy that really sears the goal into your brain.” 

3) Speak It

Reading it out loud and affirming it over and over again helps you to not only memorize but also to believe this affirmation. There’s a particular kind of focus that comes from talking to yourself out loud. Psychologists have dubbed it “selective attention” and it pretty much means exactly that: choosing to focus on one thing at a time. British psychologist, Colin Cherry, explored the impact of selective attention by asking some participants to state facts out loud. They were able to better retain that information, especially compared to participants that didn’t speak out loud.

I have always believed in the power of saying and writing affirmation. One of my favorite affirmations to say in the bathroom is “I am Bold and Beautiful”, I usually read it out loud three times really quick. How do you maximize your affirmations?

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