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Networking to Grow Your Net Worth

Here are five facts about networking according to LinkedIn & Inc.com.

  1. According to a LinkedIn global survey, almost 80 percent of professionals consider professional networking to be important to career success.
  2. Despite the majority (79 percent) globally agreeing that professional networking is valuable for career progression, less than half (48 percent) globally say they keep in touch with their network when things are going well in their career.
  3. More than one third (35 percent) say that a casual conversation on LinkedIn Messaging has led to a new opportunity.
  4. One-quarter of professionals globally have established a new business partnership through having a conversation on LinkedIn Messaging.
  5. “Make friends not connections”- Inc

Here are three ways that you can start networking right now, especially after taking a break….

  1. You could setup a Zoom call, Facetime call or anything that can be done safely online during this pandemic.
  2. Send an email to an old colleague to see how they are doing.
  3. One of the ways that have always helped me in networking is that when I see opportunities for others I either email or text them about it, and usually others will do the same for me.

I know networking can be uncomfortable, but it can be the career advancement you have been looking for, and the growth you need to achieve your goals.
So get out there and make real meaningful connections that could be life long friendships and also help you to grow your career.
What is one thing that you do to improve your networking skills?

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