Empowered Mind




Below are resources that you can use to help with your mental and physical health as you continue to become your best self.

7 Days of Self Care

Challenge yourself to 7 days of self-care starting today.

Ideal Self Workbook

What does it mean to be your ideal self? Complete this workbook to find out.

Project Tracker Sheet Planner

Use this tracker to keep track of your next project to successfully complete.

Mental Health Checklist

Use this checklist to keep you focused on making your mental health a focus.

Prioritize Mental Health


You can choose one or more of these activities to prioritize your mental health on a daily basis.

Overthinking Checklist

If you tend to overthink, this checklist is for you to get focused.

Time Management Tips

If you have a lot of things on your to-do list and can’t seem to get them done, follow these tips to start seeing improvements today.

30 Day Challenge Planner

We all want to get better with developing good habits. Us this tracker as many times as you need to until you create your next good habit.

Weekly Meal Planner

If eating healthy is on your list of things to do, start using this planner today to get started on your health journey.

Self Care Tips

Here are some different ways that you can practice self-care daily, weekly, or monthly.